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12/15/2021 - Walking in Divinity

Looking for the ideal mother role.
Looking to create the most sustainable and encouraging maternal role for myself and my coming child.

And it may seem like a hard task in a world where the mothers are broken-hearted and seem to be mistreated.

Though, when I think of the most divine and primal mother figure, who also seems to be mistreated often, Mother Earth, she sets the best example.

A mother is to be there when we need the support, so that we know that we can depend on her, and crawl back to her for comfort. She is constantly giving unconditional love and care as her children explore the world she co-created for them.

If we feel detached from ourselves and lost in pain, we run to her and she’s there to cuddle us up with her warmth and recharge our energetic field.

To be a woman is a divine blessing.
To embody the divine feminine, as Mother Earth’s children.
Made of her elements.
Human reproduction being a microcosm for the creation of the Earth and the Universe.
It expands our consciousness. 

God is not a man or a woman, but a divine balance of the two, masculine and feminine, co-creating a reality that embodies alignment and truth.

Being on earth is an experience for human beings and souls alike to become aware of the divine balance that this world emphasizes. It is a physical manifestation of the whole universe compressed and concentrated into one experience to be integrated and understood by souls that choose to take form as earthly beings.

Coming to this provides expansion for the mind, for the saying and understanding that “all is one.” All is a reflection of itself. All divine.

Here we go, walking in divinity.


  (Because it’s natural. It’s human.)