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It’s been funny watching people respond to a pregnant woman. There’s an overwhelm of excitement about new life. Yet, not many are aware of their domination of conversation. Much of the conversation is an opportunity to try to connect with a woman that they may not know on a personal level by dumping their own mom knowledge on you.

I find rare occasions in which you, the pregnant one, has enough space in conversation to mention that you’ll be having the baby in a birth center and that you’ll do your best to breastfeed before their excitement to share overwhelms their body, leaving you nervously giggling as you look for a smooth exit. 

And it’s not that I do not want to hear other womens’ experiences, but there is rarely an invitation for the amount of information that rolls off their tongues before they realize they’ve been rambling for 15 minutes about their epidural. 

I’ve heard plently of horror stories of contraction pain, tearing, painful poops, failed latching and sleepless nights. All great warnings, mind you.

They’re just funny. The Pregnancy Peanut Gallery. Those who have endless words of advice and little care to let the pregnant woman share her experience.

But, I guess that’s what my Doula is for, to listen to me and help me do what’s best for me.

This is a very humbling experience for me to learn to listen and keep my peace.


  (Because it’s natural. It’s human.)