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11/26/2021 - day after ‘Thanksgiving’

As I transition from maiden to mother, growing another being in my womb, I become aware of my own discomfort with change, specifically physical growth. For a while, I have been attempting to grow spiritually and mentally, build a connection with myself and The All Knowing, both being invisible initially. Things that can be hidden from the public, kept secret and sacred. While keeping your own life and personal practices sacred, there comes a point when your growth must come to the out side of your mind, into your body and expressed in physical manifestation. Solidified in order to be fully integrated into the human body and understood by the human brain, because it has been seen and/or felt. 

In this process of growth and change, or transformation into the physical, there is much vulnerability. There’s a point in which you cannot hide anymore, you have to show up, like a being growing inside a wombman’s belly must display it’s growth inside it’s mother before revealing it’s own face earthside. Transitioning into a new form of vulnerability, excited and ready to learn. Open to receive love.

Growth and the transformation that comes from it never ends. It is the inevitable cyclical nature of life itself, or rather: life, death and rebirth itself.

This inevitability of transformation and constant vulnerability has been extremely beautiful to witness, in my own body and in those closely surrounding me. Even in the discomfort, I have found myself so much more supportive of those doing their best, and of my Self doing her best. 

This is how we make a mark on the world. This is how we lead by example. Bringing thoughts from the crown to the ground (root), from ether to earth and back again.

I choose to be conscious during this process of bringing a being manifest on earth. I choose to trust in the ancestral knowledge of my body to transform fetus to baby being, and transform me from young woman to mother. 

The most vulnerable experience I have ever witnessed.

I am grateful to be a part in this.


  (Because it’s natural. It’s human.)