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>> Pregnancy Diaries


Life got hard and out control for a bit. Not saying that any of us really have much control over how life goes anyways. 

New physical space.
New emotional space.
New head space.
New understanding.
New, belly shape.

My relationship with all the new has come back to an understanding of human individuality. It has come back to an understanding of your work being yours and my work being my own. Bringing enough maturity to give a new perspective on how individual patterns are playing out to others and being willing to recieve new views from others. Then, being willing to move according to the necessary change.

I have been reminded not to take anything personally as we learn to be around others healthily and respectfully, while still holding eachother accountable.

These new perspectives create more space and allow life to become soft again after getting “hard and out of control” for periods of time.

I’ve been really sinking into trusting the constant flow of how we nurture and support eachother on this planet as I find myself closer and closer to motherhood.

This pregnancy process has been the biggest boot to my butt, saying, “grow the f up! You’ve got 9 months to do it.” Though, in reality, I’ll still be growing up even after I drop this little one from my womb.

I’m still learning what’s best for me and my energy. I’m learning how to use that energy wisely, since it’s running pretty low these days. I’m choosing to use my energy as an investment in myself and others that I care for and about.

And I believe that this commitment to focus my energy will benefit more than just me at this point. It will effect this generation and the ones to come.

THANK YOU.                                                                                                                                                                             

  (Because it’s natural. It’s human.)