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01/08/2022 -- Life as a Projector

My approach to life has become a lot less forceful [as a result of my pregnancy].

Instead of trying so hard, I do my best. Whatever that may be at any given moment. I allow for my body and mind to unfold as they do, holding space for myself and my experience as a human being.

In doing so for myself, I can do so for others. Not forcing others to be a certain way or move a certain way, but being a willing and open guide for them and with them.

There is no benefit in shoving things down my own or anyone else’s throat. If they are willing to show up for themselves and choose to have my guidance/assistance, then I am grateful to be of service.

Putting in my own work and allowing others to voluntarily participate if they feel called, but never making them seem like they must.

A non-manipulative way of living.

Living in alignment.
Living in graititude.
Living in LOVE.

And with this non-manipulative way of living, I create more safe space for my baby to grow up and be whatever is true.


human design chart from Jovian Archive https://www.jovianarchive.com/get_your_chart

  (Because it’s natural. It’s human.)